Sadly, it's getting worse. They're tripling down on the mandates - at least here in Canada and the USA to some extent. Worse, the FDA just gave pharma the license to produce 'vaccines' without trials in perpetuity thus ensuring this remains a 'permanent pandemic'. Just like the conspiracy theorists said would be the case way back in 2020. This is now officially a NIGHTMARE.

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"Not all heroes wear capes." But some of them fly.

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Beautiful write up I pray they set a precedent. It seems bodies are piling up by the day from this. It is absolutely true that you cannot consent with coercion...

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Vaccine Carnage In The ER , a nurse speaks out -Australia Jul 1, 2022 | ALTERNATIVE NEWS

¨This womans first hand testimony is extremely revealing about just what it was like in the hospitals to watch the vaccinated injuries come through the door to the severe denial to the staff that were forced to get the shots.¨ 34:09 min https://www.hopegirlblog.com/2022/07/01/vaccine-carnage-in-the-er-a-nurse-speaks-out-australia/

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Jul 1, 2022Liked by Etana Hecht

Currently reading “Dissolving Illusions” wherein I found this gem:

Try re-vaccination—It never will hurt you,

For re-vaccination has this one great virtue:

Should it injure or kill you whenever you receive it,

We all stand prepared to refuse to believe it. – From a circular signed “The Doctors,” 1876

The con has been around for a long time.

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Some stories I've seen have mentioned the impact of these mandates on air traffic controllers. Members of this group might also not be showing up to work due to illness (and/or were also fired). This could also have a tragic impact on air safety as some have said remaining air traffic controllers are now monitoring far more flights than they used to. There are typically two pilots in a cockpit so it's unlikely both would be debilitated while at the controls. However, an over-worked air traffic controller could miss something that would cause the same disastrous result - a crash.

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Jul 2, 2022Liked by Etana Hecht

I am so grateful that you have chosen to follow this subject so closely. As a 32 year airline industry veteran (and daughter of a retired US military fighter pilot) I have been extremely concerned that the industry was/is “an accident waiting to happen”. Airline companies have essentially chosen to evacuate the cockpit at altitude with no parachute.

I was always aware that evil exists in this world—- now I am acutely aware. It has permeated every corner of civil society (oxymoron) and beyond……”Our mission, if we choose to accept it” :(Mission Impossible!! appropriate no?) is to keep revealing the danger and deception being forced upon us. (and with diligence, prayers, and luck, elicit positive change )

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Jul 2, 2022Liked by Etana Hecht

"We're not going quietly into the night..." to quote the inspiring words of former flight Captain of Qantas airlines, Graham Hood, who has a HUGE following in Australia, spawning many groups called 'Hoody's Heroes' or 'Hoody's Helpers'. I belong to one such group of spirited freedom fighters meeting weekly in the suburbs of Australia - all those who were terminated or shunned for not complying with workplace vaccine mandates. There are thousands of us and we are working together to rebuild our communities.


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Jul 2, 2022Liked by Etana Hecht

Excellent and informative article and I’m so pleased to see the pilots coalition taking direct aim at the b@st@rds in the airline industry who ignored safety and mandated an unapproved, untested for long term safety, emergency use vaccine to keep their jobs. It is historically one of the most heinous worldwide corporation acts in the history of the world. I knew the dangers of the Pfizer vaccine in Dec 2020 after reading the 50 page FDA summary of the clinical trials and made my decision then I was not touching it based on no proof that it stopped infection or transmission and the serious adverse reactions listed in the trial recipients, not to mention it being a new gene therapy injection never before used on humans that failed in a trial in 2007 of ferrets administered the mRNA vaccine for SARS1 and who all died after being exposed to the wild virus.

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Jul 1, 2022Liked by Etana Hecht

People are NOT mad enough...either we boycott air travel for now, which is not an option for many or COMPLAIN and WRITE to your GOVT or the travel industry, airports, etc...........so I know there are many advocacy groups speaking out BUT until the people rise up this will continue...........

“War Is Over! If You Want It"

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Outstanding piece. Please keep up the great work and provide regular updates.

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Jul 1, 2022Liked by Etana Hecht

Would think pilot orgs would have pilots on the boards of these orgs., so pilots will win in the end...safety is job #1. If the orgs divert job #1, all hell will eventually break lose. They just have to wade through all the board people that accepted/recommended the woke bullshit....prob the same brainiacs in their way now...

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Jul 1, 2022Liked by Etana Hecht

The US and the world is suffering from mandates, vaccine injury and the WEF hope for world domination... This is the problem in the airline industry and the problem of all economies world wide. All countries need to reestablish their sovereignty!! Thanks for your writings.

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Jul 1, 2022Liked by Etana Hecht

I pray for their continued fight to find the right conclusion, but these people in power don’t want to admit they are wrong. These so called vaccines are for depopulation and it’s working, never was about our health or safety.

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Jul 2, 2022·edited Jul 2, 2022Liked by Etana Hecht

🙏👏❤ Such an incredibly detailed, report--critically important information. Thank you for writing!

Prayers to those affected by the ridiculous, authoritarian, senseless mandates.

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Disclaimer of Liability ™

Whilst we endeavor to make our products toxic (1,291 side effects), we make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied about their efficacy and safety.

We cannot guarantee that your gene 144 won’t be deleted, your X / Y Chromosome won’t be inverted, your gene 69-70 won’t be deleted or mutated, that you may experience loss-of-function due to protein folding, that your gene E1, E3, E4 won’t be deleted, that you won’t receive shots full of magnetic graphene oxides, nano-biosensors and self-integrated bio-circuits (motherboards, transistors, routers, antennas, etc…).

We do not guarantee that you won’t be MAC Addressed as per Clown Schwab’s instructions (COVID -19 is a rare but narrow window of opportunity to rethink, reinvent, reset our world), that your Cancer Fighting CD8 T Cells won’t be suppressed.

By using our products you agree that you automatically become legally a trans-human and therefore our property since you are GM-modified using our patented mRNAs (CERTIORARI 12–398).

Trans-humans do not enjoy any human or other rights of a state and this applies worldwide. Our patents are under US jurisdiction and law, where they were registered.

Any reliance you place on our products is therefore strictly at your own risk.

We care,

CEOs Murderna & Schizer.


Dr. Red Pill Fact Checker: They make sh$t!

 Schizer (1minute video)


 Murderna (1minute video)


 Micro-Tech in COMIRNATY Quackcine – New Zealand D SOS


 How to Detect your MAC Address (e.g: “Pfizer borg 00:00:5e:00:53:af”)


 Micro-Tech Patents (50) – Charles Lieber – Caught!


 Covid-19 Quackcines Worldwide Democide - 1,291 Side Effects – Schizer Approval Document Reveals


 Suppression of Cancer Fighting CD8 T Cells - 100% of People Tested pre and post Covid-injections.


 Safe and Effective: 16 German and Austrian Mayors Under 60 Are 'Suddenly and Unexpectedly' Dropping Dead.


 Schizer Massive Data Fraud: Time to Lock them all Up!


 How Bad is my Batch?


 The Covid Lies of the Century


 Murderna Quackcine Patented 9 Months Before Plandemic on 2019-03-28


 Covid-19 Plandemic Blueprint – RKM Lockstep 2010 Report.


 Event 201, a High-level Pandemic Exercise on October 18, 2019, in New York


 50 Efficacy Studies that Rebuke Vaccine Mandates


 United States D.O.D issued a contract for ‘COVID-19 Research’ in Ukraine 3 months before COVID-19 officially existed


 Ten different surveys all show the vaccines are not "safe and effective" -- not even close


 Dr David Martin | Covid Terrorism, Murder, and Racketeering


 We declare government and medical agencies must be held accountable!


 Planned Worldwide Infanticides


 'Blow-up Pandemic Mortuary' Set up in 2019 - UK


 EXCLUSIVE: Shocking microscopy photos of blood clots extracted from those who “suddenly died” – crystalline structures, nanowires, chalky particles and fibrous structures


 Graphene COVID Kill Shots: Let the Evidence Speak for Itself


 Dr. Ryan Cole: COVID Vaccines Are Producing Unusual And Surprising Numbers Of Cancers


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